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What is Sacred Sex Skills?


We offer services, workshops and events to womxyn, men, and couples to: 

·       Heal from past sexual traumas 

·       Understand your orgasmic potential

·       Increase your orgasmic Bliss!

·       Learn the art of letting go and receiving, using Orgasmic Energy

·       All sessions and courses are offered online, as a webinar, or at my studio.

*Social Events are held either in your home hosted by You, or on location hosted by Sacred Awakenings. 


Do I have to get naked during a session or at an event?

No. First of all, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do, EVER. If you don’t know this, you will learn it when you attend any event presented by the Sacred Sex Skills team. We create a safe space for all humans and no non-consensual behavior is tolerated from ANYONE! With that being said, clothing during a session or at an event is always optional, (except from the car to the door!)

Can I have a private event at my home?

Yes! We are happy to facilitate a private event in your home. Bachelor and Bachelorette parties, Ladies-night in parties, Couples parties, even divorce parties! We also offer events for young adults to learn about sacred sexuality. If you’re ready to have social event at your location, contact us here.


Do you host events anywhere? 

Yes, events can be held in a city near you. If you’d like to host your own event for a private group contact us here.


What is the etiquette for the sessions, groups parties and workshops?

Because all sessions, groups parties and workshops are hands-on and experiential, we want you to understand that there is a certain expectation of behavior and morale that we require you to consider in order to participate. This is for the safety of you and every attendee. 


If you do not agree or blatantly disregard with any of these guidelines we will ask that you remove yourself from the premises and not return to events held by the Sacred Sex Skills team.

·       Anyone (yourself included) may say no at any time for any reason, without further explanation.  If you’re in a situation that makes you uncomfortable, just say NO! Don’t jeopardize your joy and satisfaction, or that of your partner - by doing anything against your will.  

·       This is a very private and sacred affair. Anyone who comes to a one of our events will have the chance to feel safe and protected by agreeing to the good ole Vegas Rule, “What happens here, Stays here”. You agree that you will not take pictures unless instructed or given permission to do so. You also understand that you will not disclose to anyone outside of the venue, who is currently in the venue at that time or any at any other time. There may be important community members who would like privacy regarding their pleasure lifestyle so we honor privacy and discretion. 

·       Don’t submit to guilt or pressure. Playing at the Pleasure Playground is fun! Keep it that way. Disengage yourself as quickly as possible with a firm, but gentle response to any situation you don’t want.  Be honest and direct in order to avoid misunderstandings.

·       Always be kind. It’s the proper, humane way to behave.  YOU must nice to your practitioner, but at an event, you may not like someone one day but you may want to play with that person at a later event.  Keep your options open.

·       Be mindful and courteous when you’re at a session, on location venue, in an online course, a meeting place, or someone’s home.  

·       Concentrate on being kind, thoughtful and sensitive to others. 

·       Smile. Cheese!!! Happiness is contagious!

·       All social and on-location events are BYOB with a designated server for alcohol. This is to ensure the safety of all participants and to avoid extremely intoxicated individuals.

·       This event is not about sexual intercourse however we understand that non-clothed sexual play may be inevitable. Therefore, we will provide safety products for your use. The items include but are not limited to, condoms, dental dams, wipes, latex safe lubes, cleaning spray.


What do I wear?

Courses are held in a casual environment and usually online (unless you’re hosting a private event), so feel free to wear whatever street clothes you wish. Clothing that makes you feel sexy is ALWAYS a plus!

Social events ARE classy affairs, so dress to impress. Socials are usually themed based, so if you like, you may dress for the theme. Otherwise, lingerie and really any scantily clad outfit is great for womxyn. Gentlemen who aren’t into getting into costume, are always welcome with a button-down shirt and any shoes besides tennis shoes. (exclusive Jordans may be an exception)

Whats the difference between a group session and a social event?

A group session is an intimate experience where you get to learn sacred sex skills from a hands on point of view. All groups are experiential, if you wish. However, if hands on and/or live instruction and demonstration cause you trauma and concerns of morale, these affairs are probably not for you. We Love you anyways! xxoo

A social event will have the opportunity for hands-on instruction however this evening is about playing, bringing your partner(s), practicing your new sacred sex skills out and having a great time! A REAL Adult Playground!


So wait? What do you mean by live instruction and demonstration? 

This is exactly what you think it means. Your event hostess will be offering live demo and instruction for the sacred sex skills you are learning. ALL the courses encourage you to practice your skills at home. So in our private sessions and workshops, either on-line, in-home or on location, we will give you the opportunity to see up close how the skill can be done and to actually practice what you’ve learned, or polish your new skills. 

Is this just an overrated swinger or sex party?

Absolutely NOT! Unless that’s what you would like! Our events are, if anything, Tantric Reiki Exchanges. Sacred Sex Skills were created to teach you how to increase your pleasure in and outside of the bedroom, especially if you're recovering from sexual trauma. We also pride ourselves in the fact that we provide a social space for people who are seeking sexual freedom, to practice their skills while enjoying the company of like minds.