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Need a Relationship/Spiritual Life Coach?

Dr. Qadesh is someone you can vent to, process, heal with and then receive advice, with a spiritual perspective.


Are you Ready?


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Dr. Qadesh gives a step by step plan for what to do next, in any situation.


Relationships, Family, Job, Friends, Future, Anything!


Qadesh is funny, yet passionate about getting you to the life you say you want. She offers a loving no-nonsense approach to Living YOUR Best Life! You may forget she's a coach casue she feels like your super supportive best friend. She wants you to innerstand what it feels like to be your own best friend, and plus, she's cool like that.

She's trained in several coaching and healing modalities and has a Ph.D. in Metaphysical Counseling, a Masters in Marriage & Family Counseling, she's a Certified Kundalini Reiki Master, Tantrika and co-creator of TantReikiTM, Hypnotherapist, Divinator using Astrology, Numerology, The Tarot, and other Oracle Systems. 


When you enter into a session with Qadesh, she will evaluate your astological makeup, assess the ways you view the world and what your soul is here to learn.


Because naturally, these things will make sense to you, you will begin mapping out your goals to the life you've been day dreaming of. She will help you manage your anxiety, lift your depression, anger, fears, and get you choosing your Life Again!

Get back with your ex, heal from breakups, open your relationship, heal from past trauma, create healthier relationships, reconnect with your family, Awaken your Feminine, disconnect from toxic relationships, Tap into Your higher Self. 



Whatever your life challenge, there's a plan for you! 


Qadesh's specialties include abuse, addictions, anxiety, mental health diagnosis, trauma, crisis counseling, meditation, mindfulness, open relating aka polyamory, PTSD, spiritual guidance and divination tools such as Astrology, Numerology, Oracles, and Tarot.





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Coaching by the Minute: Phone, Text or Video










Maintenance Package: Phone, Text or Video

Distant Intuitive Energy Session: (Worldwide)




In-Person Intuitive Energy Session: (Atlanta Area, USA) 



Appointments are available via Phone, Skype or Text Chat


Meet Your Coach

Dr. Qadesh

$100 - $140:    1.5   Hour    Session 


45 mins Coaching

45 mins Energy Work

$80 - 1.5   Hour    Session 


45 mins Coaching

45 mins Energy Work